Water treatments

We carry a full line of water conditioners and treatments for your pond needs.



We carry a full line of water conditioners for your pond.


Algae Control

Algae Control

real clear

Real Clear® AK

  • Improves water clarity in water gardens and backyard ponds

  • Reduces odors and sludge accumulation

  • Significantly reduces excess nutrients

  • Rids pond of unwanted aquatic debris

  • Safe, effective and easy to use

  • Won’t harm plants or fish

Use Real Clear® AK when excessive aquatic debris has become a problem in your pond. Real Clear® AK is manufactured to battle tough pond problems for a clean pond and a safe, healthy aquatic environment for the entire pond population.  It also reduces sludge and unpleasant odors created from waste products in ornamental ponds.  Use appropriate dosage weekly until desired appearance is achieved.  When satisfied with your pond's appearance, switch to Real Clear® Bio-Clarifier for ongoing maintenance. 


Keep your pond clean and algae-free with Tetra Pond AlgaeControl Water Treatment. Algae is a common pond problem, but if left untreated it can take over your pond from covering the walls to coating the water's surface. Tetra Pond AlgaeControl Water Treatment contains poly ethylene to control a broad spectrum of algae including green, string and hair algae and blanket weed.

Key Benefits

  • Safe for use with fish and plants
  • Treats algae and algae blooms
  • Concentrated formula treats more water than other brands
  • Do not use in ponds with invertebrates or crustaceans
  • Algae control solution for ornamental ponds with plants & 


API PondCare Algaefix Algicide is a powerful pond water treatment that keeps algae growth under control. It’s safe for ponds with aquatic plants and fish and can also be used in fountains and waterfalls. This fast-acting algicide is effective for many types of algae including green, or green water, algae, string or hair algae and blanket weed in ornamental ponds and fountains.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively controls green water algae, sting or hair algae and blanketweed
  • Safe for live plants and pond fish
  • Keeps ponds, water gardens and fountains clean and clear
  • Algaecide controls existing algae and helps resolve additional algae blooms
  • Do not use with freshwater crustaceans, including shrimp, crabs and lobsters




Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift PL for Ponds is a special formula for decorative fish ponds, lagoons and small water features. Microbe Lift Pond PL with natural beneficial bacteria will help create a cleaner environment for your pond and help promote fish growth.

  • Keeps ponds clean & clear
  • Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels
  • Seeds and maintains biological filters
  • Breaks down dead algae and gets rid of organic sludge

Reduces noxious odors from dead algae, fish fecal matter, and urine. Reduces hydrogen sulfide, which creates offensive odors. Reduces biological oxygen demand, buildup of bird droppings, dead leaves, and fish feed. Microbe Lift PL has photosynthetic bacteria to help maintain clear water and enhances dissolved oxygen levels. Highly effective over an array of pH levels. Sustains biological activity in water temperatures under 55°F. *Refer to alternate image for Application Rates! Pet Mountain is proud to offer discount bulk pet products.

This is not a chemical. It is harmless to humans, animals, fish and plants. Microbe-Lift PL is the trade name of a natural bacteria found in a natural harmonious environment. Microbe-Lift PL is NOT a genetically engineered or altered bacteria.

Microbe-Lift PL will be effective in any of the following conditions: with or without light, low acidity to high acidity, with air or without air, low alkalinity to high alkalinity. It works completely effectively when used alone.

Made in the USA.

Pond Perfect

PondPerfect and Farm Pond Treatment – Both products are biological clarifiers, but what’s the difference?

PondPerfect is designed for smaller garden and decorative ponds (50 gallons up to ¼ acre). PondPerfect is a live, 100% non-toxic and natural biological clarifier (quart and gallon sizes available for purchase on this site).

Farm Pond Treatment is specifically for larger lakes (¼ acre up to many acres) and contains one gallon of ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria, plus one slow-release, powder-based EcoSock (see photo), which work together for a full month.


Nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic waste plus sunlight cause the problems. Plus, sunlight (UV light) harms some of the bacteria that should normally help reduce nutrients in the water. Adding our 100% natural products restores the required natural balance to your system.

Biosafe systems

GreenClean Xtreme Liquid Bacteria has 68 strains of beneficial bacteria. It reduces Ammonia, Nitrates, Fish Waste and Debris. Eliminates cloudy waters and odors. Good for starting a new pond. Can be used all year long.

1 Gallon - Treats 128000 gal.